Why would I use virtual assistant instead of a human assistant?

Have you ever tried to connect with customer services via telephone?

Have you ever been made to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a free consultant?

– „For health insurance press 0, for home insurance press 1, for other options press 2″

Have you ever made your way through a series of confusing options only to be connected to tired and distracted consultant?

We are all human and consultants have limited knowledge. They can only recite what they already know and anything else may be pure guesswork.

If the consultant doesn’t know the answer to our query, we will be put on hold again whilst they speak with their colleague or search for relevant information.

Let’s imagine a consultant that is always well informedalways in the same, great mood and always answers questions immediately after they are asked.

Our solution is a virtual consultant that is accessible 24/7has instant access to unlimited amounts of information and will help you achieve your aim with minimal fuss and effort.

It’s name is chatbot, a virtual consultant based on an artificial intelligence system, that can learn by itself. Sales or customer service scripts are fed into the machine; the machine interprets and learns these scripts and is then able to imitate a human consultant.

Every day new companies and corporations decide to offer chatbots as an additional or alternative communication channel for their clients.

Let me show you how a virtual assistant impersonates a booking assistant, sales assistant or make-up consultant :-).